More than 20,000 plastic tubes in the acoustic panel guide the light outward at a restricted angle. Viewing the luminaire from even a slight angle is sufficient so that only the light and not the fluorescent lamps can be seen. The large surface area of the luminaire, extending almost 1m2 , permits the light to be distributed without glare, avoiding the undesirable tunnel or cave effect associated with conventional non-glare luminaires. The rectangular shape and illumination technology properties of the MODULISA luminaires provide a wide range of design alternatives without in themselves giving the space a particular orientation. The luminaires can be freely arranged, or can be combined in a cluster to form a continuously illuminated ceiling. When the luminaires are arranged in a row, the uniform distribution of the lamps within the luminaires ensures a homogeneously illuminated area. The lamps of all models can be replaced without tools. Depending on the application, four 21 W or four 39 W T5 fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts are used. As a standard feature, all models are available with two switchable or dimmable circuits each. The MODULISA luminaire family complies with the relevant European lighting regulations:
EN 60598-1 and EN 60598-2, as well as the EMC regulations EN 61000-3-2 and EN 55015