Sound absorption
The honeycomb panel developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart has an absorption αs 0.58 within the speech frequency range. Making up 0.8 percent of the surface area of the panel, the micro-perforations achieve this level of sound absorption without the need for acoustic fleece. These translucent sound-absorbing elements permit additional sound absorption in recognised acoustic problem areas, such as luminaire bodies above workstations. A good level of absorption can be achieved in combination with other sound insulation elements. For instance, the luminaires can be built into acoustic ceilings, or used in conjunction with sound-absorbing office furniture or space dividers. In many instances, sound insulation measures and light are required at the same location. MODULISA combines acoustics and light. The small diameter of the micro-perforations in the diffuser also prevents contamination of the interior by insects.